“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”  – Albert Einstien

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This is leadership and organizational learning fundamentally rethought. Bermuda Clarity Institute marries science with play in a uniquely immersive and interactive way that is designed to spur individuals, leaders and teams toward the best version of themselves.

As a Think Tank, our leaders, researchers and social scientists are studying organizational and leadership trends related to change and performance. They conduct expansive research, publish white papers and thought literature as well as innovative assessments and leadership exercises.

Think Tank

As an Idea Accelerator, our strategists, coaches and creative leaders work with high profile organizations as well as early stage concepts, companies and incubators to bring business ideas to life in a sustainable and engaging manner. 

Idea Accelerator

As a Learning Lab, the Institute is one of the most imaginative, intentional and creative spaces designed to incite creativity, inspire 100% of the truth conversations and eliminate bias. Every aspect of the Institute, design, coaching methodology, and leadership exercises are a unique blend of science, innovation and business. 

Learning Lab


Experiences designed to suit Bermuda cultural calendar – we offer an extensive suite of cultural experiences resulting in a one-of-a- kind, bespoke learning and cultural package uniquely suited for your retreat.

Eexplore the maritime and island history of Bermuda. The  maritime museum is located within the grounds of the fortress Keep of the former Royal Naval Dockyard in Sandys Parish on the Ireland Island at the western end of Bermuda. 

Maritime History and Culture

Preserving and sharing our history is critical in Bermuda. In the early 2000s, the African Diaspora Trail was created comprised of more than 60 historical landmarks , paying homage to the ancestors who built the country with their blood, sweat, and tears.

Follow the African Diaspora Trail

Break out the carnival outfits and Bermuda shorts – there are many local celebrations where thousands of people crowd the streets to celebrate Bermuda’s rich heritage with a parade, music, dancing and other festivities that stretch long into the night

Carnival - Heroes Weekend - Events


No matter when you book your retreat Bermuda has something to offer.

 Triple Crown Billfish

Clipper Round-the-World

Newport-Bermuda Race

Water Sports

Bermuda Championship PGA Tour

Sail GP / America’s Cup

World Triathlon Tour

Professional Sports

Rugby 7’s World Cup

Cup Match Cricket

Triangle Challenge

Annual Sporting Events